Over 20 Years Experience

Our team has been at their profession for more that 20 years and knows how to take care of their client's needs.

Free Risk Appraisal

Trees can look sound, but may actually be compromised through disease, damage or old age. A limb which extends over the roof could be a disaster waiting to happen.

Not sure if you have a problem situation? Call us at 918-230-0005 and we'll come out and give you an appraisal of any risk.

Tree Trimming and Removal Services Tulsa

24-Hour Storm Service

Oklahoma weather is unpredictable. Storms can blow in at a moments notice.

We offer 24-Hour storm service to quickly remove blowdowns from your home and property and assist in clean-up after the storm has passed.

Call 918-230-0005 or contact us by email to schedule our team of professionals.

Tree Removal

Whether the reason is disease, an addition to your home, or simply the end of a tree’s lifespan, sometimes a tree must be removed for safety, planning or aesthetic reasons.

Our team of professionals will remove trees with a minimal disturbance to the surrounding landscape and structures.

Tight areas aren’t a problem with our crane assisted techniques. Trees are lifted out of these areas instead of being cut down in the traditional manner.

Tree Trimming

Trees have a habit of growing over a structure or becoming too large and need to be trimmed back to restore their beauty, their health and to protect property.

We offer professional trimming that results in healthier trees, safer conditions and a more beautiful landscape.

Fix your Tree or Bush?

Oklahoma windstorms and tornadoes have a habit of breaking even the most healthy trees and shrubs. Broken wood in your trees is more than cosmetic. Split and broken limbs can make your plants vulnerable to disease and pests. We offer pruning services for trees and shrubs to fix what nature broke.

Wood Chipping

After any storm event debris can be left behind including large and small limbs and branches.

Our professional equipment includes chippers that will reduce that pile of branches to a pile of usable mulch in record time.

Stump Grinding

One of the most difficult aspects of tree removal is the elimination of tree stumps.

Even in tight areas, we can reduce a tree stump to a pile of sawdust that will support the growth of a new tree, or can be leveled to become part of a beautiful lawn.

Service Area

We service both Residential and Commercial clients in the complete Tulsa metro including Broken Arrow, Bixby, Sand Springs, Sapulpa and Owasso.